GNORA offers comprehensive services in Corporate and Political Communication, Public Affairs and Publishing in Cyprus and Greece. It is a specialised consultancy company, which relies on the expertise, experience and networking of its staff to manage and protect the reputation of private and public organisations and individuals.

Since its establishment in 2003, GNORA has managed to win the trust of the largest Cypriot companies, of foreign companies operating in Cyprus, as well as leading political figures and international businessmen.

The most important campaigns of the past five years


GNORA operates primarily beyond advertising, and therefore doesn’t always work in terms of campaigns. The company manages the overall reputation and image of its clients. This procedure usually covers a wide range of actions and services, which clearly has a more long-term horizon. At a political campaign level, GNORA ran six mayoral campaigns in the recent municipal elections, five of which were successful.  On a corporate level, an important project was managing the promotion and communication of the international consortium, Melco International Limited, Hard Rock International and Cyprus Phasouri (Zakaki) Limited, part of the CNS Group, that is competing for the casino operating licence.

Main challenges in communication in Cyprus today


A major challenge, for GNORA and for its clients, remains adjusting on both a corporate and a communication level to the new reality created by the financial crisis. At the same time, the need to constantly utilise the capabilities offered by technology in the areas of information and communication remains a serious challenge. This is a very dynamic environment which is constantly shifting, creating opportunities and challenges.

The repercussions of the crisis and the rapid growth of digital technologies


The financial crisis and the technological development have also brought substantial changes to the media environment, with a clear turn towards the internet and digital technologies. Digital media is the most modern and effective tool for promotion and, if used properly, can have a positive impact on the client’s image and help build a relationship based on trust with targeted audiences. At the same time, it is also an environment that is much more dangerous than that of traditional Media.

Projections for 2017


The fact that the Cyprus economy has entered a new phase of growth, having corrected many of the mistakes of the past, is expected to also have a positive effect on the field of communication, since inevitably both the needs and promotion expenditure will increase once again. The performance of basic areas of the economy such as tourism and the property market is encouraging, while the banking sector, despite the challenges, has slowly started to operate with more extroversion, to plan and promote products and services with more attractive pricing and interest rates. All these create a more positive environment for the communication sector.

Goals for 2017


We have set two strategic goals. The first has to do with fully utilising the possibilities new technologies offer. We want to remain as effective as ever and to provide our clients with the same quality services in internet/ digital media. To that end we assigned a group of GNORA employees the task of formulating a framework to provide all the services required by this particular sector. The framework was thoroughly discussed both within the company and with outside experts who specialise in the field and we are today in a position to provide services that cover clients’ needs as regards training and the development, management and monitoring of online tools. Our second goal concerns the company’s structure. We have commissioned PwC to work on a plan to gradually expand the company shareholder base to include other GNORA employees.

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