Voting public can elect it “National Public Champion”

GNORA Communication Consultants is contesting a new distinction in the European Business Awards 2016/2017. In the first phase of the competition, the company was declared National Champion in the Customer Focus Category and qualified for the next stage where it is competing for the top “National Public Champion” Award. The winner is selected through an on-line vote among the public.

The companies which qualified for the second stage of the competition have prepared a video describing their history and values, the services they offer as well as how they coped during the economic crisis. The public can watch and vote for GNORA’s video at:

GNORA Communication Consultants Managing Director Andreas Hadjikyriacos urged the public to support GNORA’s candidacy and to vote for it as its favourite company. “We hope people will enjoy the video and give GNORA its vote. Our aim is to honour Cyprus at this important 10-year competition which enjoys the support of market leaders, academics and political representatives from all over Europe,” he said.

Online voting to select the “National Public Champion” has already started and will continue until 1 March 2017.

The European Business Awards is the biggest business competition in Europe and aims to award excellent and best practices throughout the European business community. In the 2016/17 Awards, the EBA has engaged with over 33,000 organisations and 636 companies representing 34 countries were selected for the second stage of the competition.